website design The Art of Teeth is a new concept in dentistry for dentists and patients. For most people teeth are special. People are very aware of their teeth every day. They represent beauty, care, and strength, comfort, eating, talking, and kissing. They are there all the time, every time you swallow the teeth, touch each other, every time you smile, you show your teeth, when you bite and eat the teeth are doing their work, patiently, strongly, effectively. Nature created teeth, like nature creates corals and pearls. That is what makes them so special, they are amongst these fine jewels, with the big difference that they are part of you and that you can show them every day and that you got them for free. The Art of the teeth is the greatness of the structure and the beauty of every single tooth; every single tooth is a creation in itself. To realize that this beautiful living mineral is a product of a living cell, which is growing in our body and which is perfect every time. The Art for us (people and dentists) in maintaining these beautiful creations is an Art by itself. To start with the simple cleaning to keep other little creatures away (bacteria), who are working on the destruction of these Artworks. Then when the teeth are damaged, either by accidents or by these bacteria, the Art of Dentistry comes along to restore the teeth as much as possible in their original shape, form and colour; in way that they will stay that way for a long time. To do that fast, smooth, beautiful and without pain is an Art. This altogether is: The Art of Teeth Patients who prefer beautiful teeth for their life and recognize the Art and want to feel comfortable and safe regarding to their teeth and oral health are very welcome in an Art of Teeth dental practice. The first practice is Beekmans Tandartsen in Laren, the Netherlands. More Dentists, Dental Technicians and dental hygienists are welcome to become a member of The Art of Teeth. There are very special requirements to become a member, but mostly you must recognize the teeth as an Artwork and you must serve the patients to help them maintain and improve their teeth. Their health is your concern as an Art of Teeth member.